The Magic of the Perfect Brief | Kris Harris

Kris designs branded campaigns for software people and has more than one trick up his sleeve…

Name: Kristien Harris

Job role: Graphic Designer

Biggest Passion: Magic

Social handles: LinkedIn

What motivates you to do what you do?

Enlightening with good design, making things well and organising the things I make

How do you start your mornings?

Opening my eyes, stretching and making the bed. Feeding the dogs, and a walk around the woods

What does a ‘typical’ day at work look like?

Coffee, conversations and creating

Who do you lunch with?

Different people. Depending if the skate park is dry or the canteen is busy or who’s book I’m reading

When are you most productive?

When I really love the work

What one thing do you try to do every day?

Move, be grateful and learn

What was your talk about?

The magic of writing and delivering a good brief

What is the best resource for people who want to dive in deeper?

Design Council, Aiga, Pentagram, AGI all brilliant sources

What is the one app/website/blog/newsletter that you wish was your idea?

Seth Godins newsletter is consistent, humorous and insightful what a man

What is the biggest challenge in the [field/topic/industry] at the moment?

Keeping up. Social media is building an expectation that we should communicate every second. Tech companies roll out updates daily and the coffee only lasts so long

Kris, we hope we get to see the magic! Thanks for answering our questions!