Bringing People into Digital | Chris Phippen

You might have bumped into Chris at one of our events: Always dapper, most often seen with hat… He’ll chat about empowering young people to step into ‘digital’ through workshops!

Name: Chris Phippen
Job role: CEO of Hatless Studios
Biggest passion: Building things with people.
Social Handles: Facebook, and LinkedIn – Chris Phippen

What motivates me to do what I do:

I love seeing the look on my peers’ faces when they realise that there are ideas are becoming real. Knowing that I’ve helped to do that, is really rewarding.

How do I start my mornings:

I’m a real coffee snob. So I make pour-over coffee, eat a bagel, and lounge on the sofa playing sudoku until I can muster up the will to leave the house.

What does a ‘typical’ work day look like:

I’m not really sure how to answer this. I don’t really have a typical workday. I just kinda screw around and enjoy what I do, and it seems to work quite well.

Who do I lunch with:

Anyone willing to have an interesting conversation about anything and everything.

When am I most productive:

9 pm, after lots of coffee, surrounded by people who are happy to sit and work as a form of socialisation.

What one thing do I try to do every day:

I aim to make someone’s life better every day. Even in just a small way.

What is my talk about:

Empowering young people to enter the digital workspace through workshop series on programming, data science, and digital graphics.

Best resource for people who want to dive deeper:

TechNation report is pretty interesting. Or just shoot me a message.

One thing I wish were my idea:

The article website, Medium. It’s clean, simple, and super diverse.

What is the biggest challenge in digital right now:

Finding enough young people with interdisciplinary knowledge alongside digital.

Thanks for answering our questions, looking forward to seeing you on the night!