Email marketing is not dead! Here’s 4 reasons why…

Gracie Stewart reasons that email is still the key to your Marketing

Email Marketing is not Dead
Email is still at the heart most people’s lives

People often debate whether or not email marketing is still an effective form of marketing in this day and age. Isn’t social media cooler? Isn’t it better to have a highly optimised website to drive traffic? All promotional emails are spam and get deleted anyway, right?

While there may be some truth to these objections, email marketing is not dead! Here’s 4 reasons why…

1. Everybody reads their emails
You read your emails don’t you? If email was well and truly “dying” we’d have an alternative and main method of communication by now for everyday personal and business communication. But that hasn’t yet happened and email remains as the strongest form of digital business communication.

2. You will generate more income from promotional emails than other digital advertising
Research has shown that email generates more revenue per email than other forms of digital marketing. In fact, more than half of businesses generate 10% of their sales through email. That is far greater revenue than other digital marketing platforms are likely to get you for the same cost.

3. You can easily trace the statistics and performance of emails
Working with email doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s just as engaging as any social media platform and you can monitor the engagement rates and statistics using tools like NewZapp’s live Tracking. No more hit and hope, you can track exactly how good your efforts are and improve on them using detailed data.

4. You have more creative freedom using email
Your tweets and Facebook posts are great, they can be written in a certain style and include pictures and videos. Nonetheless you never really have full control over the layout of your posts, whereas with email you have a blank canvas, you can use html to make the email look just how you want.

This article first appeared in Exeter based Email Marketing Company NewZapp Email Marketing Blog.


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