Digital Exeter September 2016 Meet-up

Septembers’s meet-up, McDonald’s CRM, Is Journalism Dead? And The Digital Census 2021.

Digital Exeter September meet-up
Another great meet-up in September 2016

Digital Exeter September 2016

Three great speakers discussing the future of Journalism, getting the most out of your CRM and The Digital Census in 2021

A great evening and a great crowd for our September meet-up of Digital Exeter. We a delighted that again around a third of attendees were new to Digital Exeter and our meet-up group is close to breaking 800 members!

Alex Pierre-Traves, CRM Consultant for McDonald’s UK, lives in Exeter and travels to London to help McDonald’s become best in class at using their CRM system. He talked about why it is useful to use what you know about you customers when you communicate with them and ran through some good & bad practice as well as what they have implemented at McDonalds

Dan Pritchard, CEO of Astley Media based in Exeter City Centre, talked about whether we are facing the death of Journalism and the rise of robot/algorithmic news.

Terry Makewell, Chief Digital Officer for the Office of National Statistics (ONS) talked the National Census and how the ONS wants the next census to be 75% Digitally completed. He talked about the enormity of the task and how they hope to be prepared for the UK’s largest peace-time event.

Plus, we rounded up the meet-up with a discount to Tech Exeter Conference 2016 for Digital Exeter members using code ‘digitalexeter’ to get £10 off the price of a ticket.

A bit about CRM… From the only wheat-free vegan at McDonald’s

Alex Pierre-Traves, CRM Consultant at McDonald’s UK
Alex Pierre-Traves at Digital Exeter September

Alex gave an entertaining look at Customer Relation Management (CRM). Why do it? What the essentials are and examples of good and bad practice. He also goes through what they do at McDonald’s, what they are learning and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

Death of Journalism

Dan Pritchard, CEO of Astley Media
Dan Pritchard at Digital Exeter September

Dan, a former Journalist now running a successful PR company raised the provocative title ‘Death of Journalism’. With more and more news being produced by robots/algorithms for so much less that traditional journalists what is the future for investigative and feature news. Dan presents some of his ideas about what is happening and what might happen in the future.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

Digital first approach to the 2021 Census for the ONS

Terry Makewell, Chief Digital Officer for Office for National Statistics
Terry Makewell at Digital Exeter September

Terry talks about the digital transformation the ONS is going through and how it has the target to make the next National Census Britain’s first truly digital census. The national census is a massive undertaking, it is Britain’s largest peace-time event costing a lot of money to complete. In 2021 the ONS aims to go digital first, save considerable money and open-source its workings.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

A big thank-you to everyone that came. A special thank-you to Chris Wilson who managed the sound for the evening and produced these audio clips. Plus huge thanks to my co-founders Chris Shadrick (even if he was stuck on a train and missed the whole evening) and Sarah Jones for their total commitment to the cause!


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