Digital Exeter November 2016 Meet-up

From Kevin Bacon to making better drivers in four talks.

Digital Exeter November meet-up
Fantastic meet-up in November 2016
Photo: @MrMattYoung

Digital Exeter November 2016

Digital Exeter November meet has four fantastic speakers covering the World of Digital. Featuring; City data, Content performance, Data privacy and better driving.

We learn about Exeter City Futures plans for zero congestion and energy independence in Exeter by 2025. Successful business woman Colette Easton talks about her new venture based in Devon – Molecule Agency. We have an entertaining Lawyer making Data privacy interesting. And finally a gadget developed by an Exeter firm, Ashwood Lightfoot, that hopes to change the behaviour of drivers for the better.

In this packed evening we also have Shaun Rudden from Aptus IT Recruiting talking about their Aptus Digital Guide to the South West and how Digital Exeter members can get involved.

As well as always a great chance for people to network with like-minded folk. For friends to catch-up and for the new to make contacts. A great evening was had by all. Listen again to the audio recordings of our Digital Exeter November speakers.

Exeter City Futures

Laurence Oaks-Ash, Exeter City Futures
Laurence Oakes-Ash at Digital Exeter November 2016

Laurence shares Exeter City Futures innovation programme and discusses how the use of insights from hard and soft data will determine a set of challenges. The challenges identified will address problems and demonstrate impact that can help the Exeter region to become energy independent and congestion free by 2025.

Laurence explains how ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ applies to how Exeter congestion is growing. By using patterns, Math theory and data Laurence explains how Exeter City Futures are modelling solutions to congestion in Exeter and turn data into real World solutions. He explains how they are building an accelerator program in which anyone can come forward with their solutions to the challenges set.

Listen to the full talk

Having It Covered

Colette Easton, MD of Molecule Agency
Collete Easton at Digital Exeter November 2016

Collette has an incredible background in developing and growing agencies, as well as growing one of the world’s leading SEO companies, Linkdex. She is on a mission to create a new agency that specialises in Content Performance Marketing.

Collette challenges Digital Agencies and businesses to stop treading water and do the research & find the data to support your content. 95% of Websites have less than 60% of the content they need to be effective. She talks about Google’s Rank Brain and how understanding a customers journey is crucial to getting good ranking.

Listen to the full talk

General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for businesses

Tom Moore, ‎IP & IT Specialist at Stephens Scown
Tom Moore at Digital Exeter November 2016

Dangerous data and the dwindling light of the Data Protection Act – are you ready for the new data protection laws? Tom looks at existing data protection laws and the impending change in practice that will result as we shift from the Data Protection Act to the General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for businesses.

Tom gives an entertaining report how the current Law is not fit for purpose and how there are many unknowns about how the new Law will work in detail. Do take the opportunity to listen to the Q+A at the end as there are some excellent questions.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

Lightfoot, connected cars and how Exeter found its sweet spot

Tony Harbron, Marketing Director at Ashwoods Lightfoot
Tony Harbron at Digital Exeter November 2016

Lightfoot connects drivers to their vehicles and their vehicles to the internet. Already successful in the fleet market, Lightfoot helps reduce fuel bills, lower harmful emissions and cut accident rates. But do people actually want to drive better? And will they accept a device telling them how to do it? Learn how a pilot of the technology fared in Exeter and the plans (and challenges) facing the brand moving forwards.

Tony gives a great presentation full of real World examples from the beta testings done in around Exeter. Plus he announces a special offer to Digital Exeter members to get involved in the future. Listen to a great Q+A session at the end.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

A big thank-you to everyone that came to Digital Exeter November. A special thank-you to Chris Wilson who managed the sound for the evening and produced these audio clips. Digital Exeter will be taking a short break from our regular routine and will be back in Spring 2017.


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