Digital Exeter March meet up

A new venue with over 100 attendees from the Digital community…

Digital Exeter March meet-up
Digital Exeter’s March was the biggest to date.

The March Digital Exeter meet up has now grown to be our largest to date. You may recall that we referred to January’s meet up as “bigger than ever” but we’ve surpassed that with a new venue accommodating a larger audience.

As Digital Exeter continues to grow it’s becoming more apparent that Exeter holds a diverse and strong digital / tech community that is thriving. We’re a hub of startups, innovation, creativity and data companies that are changing the way we do business and we’re glad to be bringing likeminded individuals together to share knowledge at Digital Exeter.

At the March meet up topics provided more insight into Crowdfunding, Mobile and Analytics and our speakers delivered some inspiring talks. Exeter should be proud of the talent that our city holds and we’re more than happy to showcase this at Digital Exeter.

This Month’s Speakers

Darren West, CEO Crowdcube

Darren Westlake, Co-founder & CEO Crowdcube

Darren provided an inspiring talk on his journey to grow Crowdcube to become the world’s leading crowdfunding platform, particularly through digital channels and advertising.

Crowdfunding has transformed and disrupted the financial marketplace and Crowdcube have been at the centre of this, raising over £150m for businesses of all shapes and sizes since the company launched five years ago. Crowdcube’s HQ is at the Innovation Centre at Exeter University and continues to base its HQ in Exeter, making them one of the UK’s fastest growing startups based outside of London.

Patrick Furse, Director of Digital Experience at Bray Leino

Patrick Furse, Director of Digital Experience at Bray Leino

In the noisy world of connected devices – simplicity wins

It is predicted by 2020 that there will be somewhere between twenty to fifty billion connected devices in the world – all ‘talking’ to each other and us.

Patrick Furse from global marketing agency Bray Leino, showed us how, in this noisy and complicated world, the power of simplicity and a focus on users will help us stay happy, healthy and connected.

Paul Randall from Evosite

Paul Randall, Senior UX Architect at Evosite

What analytics can tell you and what it can’t!

Analytics packages tell you what happened on your site. The missing link is understanding why people behave like they do, and understanding their behaviours.

Paul helped us to understand how you can delve deeper in your analytics to discover insights and opportunities for your business using a variety of techniques. Enabling you to test them and make measurable improvements to your site. Paul provided an example from one of his e-commerce clients on how some simple structural changes to your website can lead to an increase in sales.


Digital Exeter March speakers