Digital Exeter March 2017 Meet-up

Hot start-up and Cyber threats, plus Tech Nation 2017

Digital Exeter March meet-up
Great meet-up in March 2017 at a new venue

Digital Exeter March Meet-up

Digital Exeter March Meet-up had two fantastic speakers covering Cyber Security – A Human perspective and the story of Exeter’s newest start-up Tubers UK – video training academy. Plus a bit from me talking about Tech Nation 2017 and the future of Digital Exeter.

We learn about the current Cyber threat landscape and what you should do to protect yourself, your staff and your company. In this information packed talk we learn about the Human side of Cyber Security and how we can all make some simple behaviour changes that can make a real difference.

Exeter’s hottest new start-up talk about their stratospheric growth. Tubers UK is a video training academy for todays YouTube generation. Nick talks about their plans and how we can all learn to embrace video in our work.

I talk about the Tech Nation 2017 report, the influential document detailing the UK’s top Tech Clusters. Exeter appears for the second year. As well as highlighting some of their findings and running it past the audience, I talk about the changes in Digital Exeter and it’s future.

Cyber Security

Kate Doodson aka CosmicKate, Cosmic and Roz Woodward Securious
Kate Doodson at Digital Exeter March 2017

Kate and Roz give an information packed talk about Cyber Security from a Human perspective. This was not a technical talk of how threats work or how the technical solutions might prevent damage it was rather some straight forward advice that we can all take to understand and prevent Cyber Security threats.

Roz gave an overview of the threat landscape and some real World examples. Kate then went through lots of advice on what to do and what not to do if you suffer an attack. Plus some straight forward tips that should protect you from most risks. More help can be obtained from South West Cyber Security Cluster SWCSC

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A


Tubers UK – Video creators academy

Nick Ellison, MD of Tubers UK
Nick Ellison at Digital Exeter March 2017

Nick gives an informal talk about his brand new venture, Tubers UK. How he was struggling to get traction in Torquay with video production for companies when he came up with the idea of Video training for the YouTube generation of youngsters. He moved to Exeter at the start of the year and has never looked back.

Tubers UK run courses for kids and teenagers to get familliar with video recording and editing and how to be online safely. Nick is also hoping to grow a video service for business during the daytime when the academy is not in use.

Listen to the full talk


Tech Nation 2017 Report and the future of Digital Exeter

Rob J Glover

No audio here, just a quick paragraph and hopefully a blog post to follow. The annual Tech Nation Report came out in March 2017 and Exeter returns for the second time as one of the Nations top Tech Clusters. As we all know here what that means is we are just starting to form as a Tech Cluster. But hey! We will take the publicity! Although the document is not the most factually acurate I’ve seen I do broadly agree that Exeter’s Tech/Digital scene is on the up. I’d like to think that Tech Exeter & Digital Exeter has something to do with that. More to follow in it’s own blog post. (Note to Rob – write the Blog post!!!)

Digital Exeter is going through some changes – after a tremendous first two years establishing itself, both Sarah & Chris are moving on. My heart-felt thanks to their amazing contribution to Digital Exeter. That leaves me looking to put togther a new team to take Digital Exeter forward. To not only continue our regular meet-ups but also to our first conference and even maybe a digital festival. Watch this space on how this all goes!

A big thank-you to everyone that came to Digital Exeter March Meet-up. As always thank-you to Chris Wilson who managed the sound for the evening and produced these audio clips. Digital Exeter will be taking a short break from our regular routine and will be back in the Summer 2017.


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