Digital Exeter July 2017 Meet-up

Making UI & UX simple and revolutionising farming.

Digital Exeter July meet-up
Great meet-up in July 2017 at a our regular venue, Jury’s Inn.

Digital Exeter July Meet-up

Digital Exeter July Meet-up had two fantastic speakers covering User Interfaces/User Experience – Making things Simple and the story of Toby Mottram’s 10 year journey building tech to revolutionise farming. Unfortunately our third speaker pulled-out last minute so we had no time to replace them.

Daniel Honey from HoneyBe Creative talks about UI/UX the difference between the two and how by keeping things simple you can succeed at both.

Toby Mottram talks about the last 10 years of his life setting up three Tech start-ups that aim to revolutionise farming in the UK and across the World.

Plus the usual round-ups of things that people in Digital shoud know about coming up over the next few weeks and months.

Making the Complex Simple – a story of UI/UX

Daniel Honey HoneyBe Creative
Daniel Honey at Digital Exeter July 2017

Daniel gives an entertaining talk about how keep your User Interface & User Experience design simple to succeed. He starts with an overview about the difference between UI & UX with the help of ‘Clarkson’ and moves on to many practicle examples where simplification has helped design. Examples came from HoneyBe’s own work and from other industry sources.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A


10 years on.. a story about revolutionising farming.

Toby Mottram eCow Milkalyser VirtualVet
Toby Mottram at Digital Exeter July 2017

Toby gives the crowd a fun and brutally honest story of the last ten years of his life building AgriTech start-ups in the Dairy Farming Industry. The highs, the lows, the battles for funding and adoption across what is still the Westcountry’s largest industry. Toby talks about the journey of his start-ups so far and where he wants them to go.

Listen to the full talk Plus Q+A

A big thank-you to everyone that came to Digital Exeter July Meet-up. Live sound and recording courtesy of Christopher Wilson, Digital Exeter will be back on Sept 7th. Join us on to get tickets.


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