Digital Exeter July 2016 Meet-up

July’s meet-up, future of Social Media, future of Tech in South West and engagement frameworks.

Digital Exeter July meet-up
Another great meet-up in July 2016

Digital Exeter July 2016

Three great speakers discussing the future of Social Media, the future of Tech in the South West and Engagement theory and frameworks!

Another sell-out Meet-up at Jury’s Inn. This time we had about a third new attendees which just shows how fast the community is growing. We now have well over 600 on the meet-up group.

Matt Young, Honiton based Social Media Consultant and Podcaster (and Radio Jock) talked first about about his opinion on the future of Social Media. (Pokemon spoiler alert ahead!)

Chris Proctor, CEO of OneServer based at Exeter Airport Business Park talked about his frustrations and the opportunities for the future of Tech in the South West.

Scott Gould, Consultant (and some will remember co-founder of LikeMinds in Exeter 2009) travelled from Plymouth to give us a Master Class in engagement theory using his Scatter, Gather, Matter framework.

Plus, we rounded up the meet-up with a few announcements of new meet-up groups, Exeter Bloggers and WordPress Exeter. Laura offered a free coaching session and Ben highlighted some free money available. Our friends from Digital Plymouth invited all to their conference and Rob called out for speakers to Tech Exeter Conference and VentureFest was mentioned – phew! (Take a deep breath!)

The future of Social Media

Matt Young, Consultant & Podcaster MMY
Mark Cross

Matt gave a lively account of his vision of the future of Social Media. As a practising Social Media consultant and prolific user for 7 years Matt raised a few questions about the current state of Social Media and where it might go. Is Twitter dying? Is Snapchat eating Facebook and are we moving towards a Augmented Reality future – cue the the stratospheric rise of Pokemon Go!

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

Tech in the South West – the future is in our hands

Chris Proctor, CEO OneServe
Paul Rose

Chris is a busy CEO of a growing Tech company attracting business from across the country but he is often faced with clients who seem surprised that they are based in the South West. Chris talks about despite the fact that the South West is packed full of exciting Tech Businesses it has little or no profile outside of the region and this has to change if we are to attract new talent and business to the area. And nobody is going to do this unless the industry steps up and does it for itself.

Listen to the full talk plus Q+A

The Art and Science of Engaging with People

Scott Gould, Founder of Alive Engagement Consultancy
Gerry McNicol

Scott has spent 17 years understanding engagement from back in the days he built communities around a church to the LikeMinds conferences to now being a specialist consultant. Scott went through his Scatter, Gather, Matter framework (he love’s frameworks) and illustrated it with plenty of metaphors and what could become a legendary Digital Exeter moment the ‘elbow shake’.

Listen to the full talk

A big thank-you to everyone that came, sorry to those that didn’t get tickets. And a special thank-you to Chris Wilson who managed the sound for the evening. Plus as always to my co-founders Chris Shadrick and Sarah Jones for their total commitment to the cause!


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