Talking about museums and digital


World Cultures at the RAMM
The RAMM has many World Culture items.

I was very pleased when asked to speak at the first Digital Exeter event. Creating a community around those of us working with digital technologies can only help Exeter become a more connected city. It was great seeing so many people there and so much enthusiasm for a new venture.

My talk was titled World Cultures Digital Initiative – from MOLLI to API . I started with an explanation of why museums love digital technologies. Not only does it give us a way of widening access to our collections, research and other work it allows visitors to communicate with us.

I unashamedly used the F word in my talk. In museums F stands for funding and I gave an overview of how our funding limits and enables digital work with collections. Finally I brought the two strands together by talking through how we used past experience and recent work to deliver our new World Cultures Collection website.

New website, new features

This included the original 1998 Molli website brought it up to date with the API from our Collections Website bringing object information into the new website. Another new feature is including research based on RAMM’s successful digital research pilot in 2014. The thematic content was slimmed down to make it more readable, and to ensure it reflected the current work with the collection. Finally a blog was added to let the curator keep people up to date with the progress of the Discovering Worlds Project and other work around the collection. Letting museum staff publish content was a key development in RAMM’s Online Presence Project 2007-10.

And there’s more digital at RAMM

Since 2007 we have developed a museum website, specialist websites, social media channels and are using digital to increase access to our collections. Do come and find us online or pop in the museum where there’s free wifi and a cafe. Finally, if you’re in the museum and spot me do say hello. Look forward to next month’s meeting!


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