Museum of Contemporary Commodities

Connecting data, trade, place and values in Exeter

Museum of Contemporary Commodities
Museum of Contemporary Commodities in Exeter during May

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC) is neither a building nor a permanent collection of stuff – it’s an invitation. To consider every shop, online store and warehouse full of stuff as if it were a museum, and all the things in it part of our collective future heritage.

MoCC is an art and social science collaboration led by artist Paula Crutchlow & cultural geographer Ian Cook in partnership with Furtherfield, Exeter’s Blind Ditch and

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities in Exeter

Supported by many Exeter organisations MoCC is in Exeter from May 4th-21st at 87, Fore Street, Exeter (under the Corn Exchange) open 10am – 6pm Wednesdays to Saturdays.

You can explore connections between date, trade, place and values by joining one of our lively, and entertaining digital hacktivist workshops, drop-in activities and film screenings running in our shop-gallery and at partner venues in Exeter city centre.

For a full list of activities and workshops visit MoCC’s website

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Life without TV

Rob J Glover discusses the ups and downs of life without his TV set.

Rob's old TV Set
Rob’s old TV set that has long since gone to the Recycling Centre in the Sky.

Almost five years ago I moved house and decided to leave an old friend behind. Someone who I grew up with, have laughed and cried with, someone who has educated me, thrilled me, frightened me and entertained me. My Television. It’s not really ‘a someone’ it’s a thing, a blinking box of metal, glass and plastic. But this thing has probably consumed more of my life that most other things.

I was spending less time watching TV and finding fewer things that I wanted to watch. I was working in Digital and Social Media and using more and more video online, so I made the bold decision to leave the TV behind. That was almost five years ago, so how have I found life without TV?

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Talking about museums and digital


World Cultures at the RAMM
The RAMM has many World Culture items.

I was very pleased when asked to speak at the first Digital Exeter event. Creating a community around those of us working with digital technologies can only help Exeter become a more connected city. It was great seeing so many people there and so much enthusiasm for a new venture.

My talk was titled World Cultures Digital Initiative – from MOLLI to API . I started with an explanation of why museums love digital technologies. Not only does it give us a way of widening access to our collections, research and other work it allows visitors to communicate with us.

I unashamedly used the F word in my talk. In museums F stands for funding and I gave an overview of how our funding limits and enables digital work with collections. Finally I brought the two strands together by talking through how we used past experience and recent work to deliver our new World Cultures Collection website.

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