Marketing Trends for 2016

Chris Shaddrick looks ahead for Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Trends for 2016
What will be big in 2016?

It’s that time of year again… The decorations are down, you’ve purchased a new gym membership and the thought of another mince pie is unbearable. Happy New Year to you all! This month I want to make sure you’re switched on for the year ahead and discuss trends. By now I am sure many of you (especially if you work in marketing) have been bombarded with everyone’s predictions for 2016… Will Snapchat help Presidential candidates win the 2016 election? Or will Virtual Reality… Become reality?

In all seriousness, myself, Sarah and Rob have now been running Digital Exeter for nearly a year. If you haven’t heard of the event, we bring together likeminded individuals who work in marketing, digital and tech to share their views and experiences from their own work and also what’s going on or trending.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts on how businesses should be adapting their marketing strategies in 2016:

1. Consider how you can innovate your brand through marketing.
Marketing is becoming more targeted and more engaging which makes it even more difficult for brands to stand out. Traditional marketing (both online and offline) still has it’s place, but you need to go beyond this. Adopting more robust technology, exploring new digital channels and new forms of advertising will help to innovate your brand. Do you use Snapchat? Have you explored Instagram advertising? Do you have a mobile app? Creating new and exciting ways for users to engage with your brand is a good thing.

2. Video marketing.
According to some published estimates, video content will account for nearly two-thirds of consumer Internet traffic by the end of 2016. Channels such as YouTube and Vimeo are full of different styles of video – storytelling, vlogging (video blogging) and emotionally engaging campaigns. This has seen a reduction in TV media spend (how many times did you actually see the John Lewis advert on TV vs online over Christmas?) because brands are allocating more budget to online video because it’s becoming more effective.

3. Content Marketing.
It doesn’t go away and 2016 will be no different. As a brand you should still be looking to produce good-quality, rich and engaging content that is relevant and specific to your audience. This isn’t just writing a blog once a month, it’s adapting your content so that it’s visual, downloadable, video and shareable.

4. Big Data.
If you have data on your business performance and your customers but you aren’t leveraging it, then you should be. Learning more about your customers will allow you to tailor your marketing and structure your data. Big Data can improve your business processes, reduce costs, better communicate with customers and be more targeted with advertising.

5. Social Media Advertising.
Unfortunately (but it’s not all bad) social media is no longer just a free resource for businesses, not if you want to be more targeted and reach a larger audience. To stand out from the noise you will need to boost posts on Facebook, advertise to corporates on LinkedIn or come up with visual campaigns on Instagram. Combining your own data and data from social will mean you can create the optimum social media campaign.

This article appeared in Digital Exeter’s regular column in Exeter Life Magazine January 2016 edition (Flash Required)


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