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Social media for unsociable brands

How do Social Media managers find quality content for a difficult-to-share brands or projects?

Social Media for unsociable Brands
How to do Social media for unsociable brands

In the normal run of things, a social media manager looks for great words and great images to produce content that an audience wants. Great content can lead to interaction, a sense of ‘community’ among followers and lots of organic sharing of posts by your followers.

But whether or not you can tick most of these off your list depends very much on the brand or the project or the organisation that you are representing.

If you’re managing social media accounts for a copyright licensing group, for example, your ability to post interesting snippets that make people want to visit your website or find out more about you, is going to be limited.

The same could be said for a health product that treats a condition that most people don’t want to talk about. Followers may want to read your posts, but they are probably not going to want to share them or comment on them because they will be associating themselves with the unmentionable condition. A lack of shares and comments will have a detrimental effect on the reach of your posts.

And yet, these unsociable brands are using social media – as of course they should – and social media managers are sweating over the content every day.

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Life without TV

Rob J Glover discusses the ups and downs of life without his TV set.

Rob's old TV Set
Rob’s old TV set that has long since gone to the Recycling Centre in the Sky.

Almost five years ago I moved house and decided to leave an old friend behind. Someone who I grew up with, have laughed and cried with, someone who has educated me, thrilled me, frightened me and entertained me. My Television. It’s not really ‘a someone’ it’s a thing, a blinking box of metal, glass and plastic. But this thing has probably consumed more of my life that most other things.

I was spending less time watching TV and finding fewer things that I wanted to watch. I was working in Digital and Social Media and using more and more video online, so I made the bold decision to leave the TV behind. That was almost five years ago, so how have I found life without TV?

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