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Exeter Business IP Hub events February

Free events for Small Business held at Exeter Library.

World Cultures at the RAMM
Exeter Library hosts the Business IP Centre.

Exeter Library is joining the Business and Intellectual Property Centre network. As a Business and Intellectual Property Centre we follow a programme and ethos developed by Business and Intellectual Property Centre at the British Library, London, providing support to business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors.

At the Centre you can access a comprehensive collection of online databases and publications, and attend practical workshops, one-to-one advice sessions and inspiring talks.

A range of workshops, presentations and master classes for start-ups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses. The events are delivered by the Business and Intellectual Property team based at Exeter Library and industry specialist Delivery Partners from the business community.

Events in February

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Marketing Trends for 2016

Chris Shaddrick looks ahead for Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Trends for 2016
What will be big in 2016?

It’s that time of year again… The decorations are down, you’ve purchased a new gym membership and the thought of another mince pie is unbearable. Happy New Year to you all! This month I want to make sure you’re switched on for the year ahead and discuss trends. By now I am sure many of you (especially if you work in marketing) have been bombarded with everyone’s predictions for 2016… Will Snapchat help Presidential candidates win the 2016 election? Or will Virtual Reality… Become reality?

In all seriousness, myself, Sarah and Rob have now been running Digital Exeter for nearly a year. If you haven’t heard of the event, we bring together likeminded individuals who work in marketing, digital and tech to share their views and experiences from their own work and also what’s going on or trending.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts on how businesses should be adapting their marketing strategies in 2016:

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Talking about museums and digital


World Cultures at the RAMM
The RAMM has many World Culture items.

I was very pleased when asked to speak at the first Digital Exeter event. Creating a community around those of us working with digital technologies can only help Exeter become a more connected city. It was great seeing so many people there and so much enthusiasm for a new venture.

My talk was titled World Cultures Digital Initiative – from MOLLI to API . I started with an explanation of why museums love digital technologies. Not only does it give us a way of widening access to our collections, research and other work it allows visitors to communicate with us.

I unashamedly used the F word in my talk. In museums F stands for funding and I gave an overview of how our funding limits and enables digital work with collections. Finally I brought the two strands together by talking through how we used past experience and recent work to deliver our new World Cultures Collection website.

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