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They Know Where You Are

Is location-data tracking the next big target for cyber criminals?

Is your location being tracked?
Is your location being tracked?

Exeter based Krowdthink and Open Rights Group have joined forces to launch to encourage the British public to demand that mobile and Wi-Fi service providers are explicit about what they are asking their customers to opt into and provide clear choices for opting out. The campaign also offers guidance regarding minimising location tracking possibilities.

Two reports reveal serious threat posed by location tracking by the mobile and Wi-Fi service industry

High net worth individuals, children and householders could all be at significant risk from cyber criminals targeting historic location data that has been collected by our mobile phone and Wi-Fi services providers.

Two reports: They Know Where You Are (Krowdthink) and Cashing in on your mobile? (Open Rights Group) have examined the contracts, policies and practices of the mobile phone and Wi-Fi industry. Both reports highlight that consumers are unwittingly signing up to be location tracked 24/7 and that the highly sensitive data this generates is being used and sold on for commercial benefit. They conclude that consumers deserve to know and to not have their consent assumed.

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Digital Exeter March meet up

A new venue with over 100 attendees from the Digital community…

Digital Exeter March meet-up
Digital Exeter’s March was the biggest to date.

The March Digital Exeter meet up has now grown to be our largest to date. You may recall that we referred to January’s meet up as “bigger than ever” but we’ve surpassed that with a new venue accommodating a larger audience.

As Digital Exeter continues to grow it’s becoming more apparent that Exeter holds a diverse and strong digital / tech community that is thriving. We’re a hub of startups, innovation, creativity and data companies that are changing the way we do business and we’re glad to be bringing likeminded individuals together to share knowledge at Digital Exeter.

At the March meet up topics provided more insight into Crowdfunding, Mobile and Analytics and our speakers delivered some inspiring talks. Exeter should be proud of the talent that our city holds and we’re more than happy to showcase this at Digital Exeter.

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Exeter IP Hub Events March 2016

Free events for Small Business held at Exeter Library.

Exeter IP Centre March Events at Exeter Library
Exeter Library hosts the Business IP Centre.

Exeter Library is joining the Business and Intellectual Property Centre network. As a Business and Intellectual Property Centre we follow a programme and ethos developed by Business and Intellectual Property Centre at the British Library, London, providing support to business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors.

At the Centre you can access a comprehensive collection of online databases and publications, and attend practical workshops, one-to-one advice sessions and inspiring talks.

A range of workshops, presentations and master classes for start-ups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses. The events are delivered by the Business and Intellectual Property team based at Exeter Library and industry specialist Delivery Partners from the business community.

Events in March 2016

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Tech Nation 2016 report

Exeter makes the Tech Nation report for the first time.

Tech Nation Report 2016
Exeter appears in the UK’s Tech Nation report for the first time.

It’s official Exeter is now on the UK’s Tech radar. The new Tech Nation 2016 report is out and it makes interesting reading. Download the full report it’s well worth a read.

The 2016 report demonstrates the clear contribution that digital technology is making to employment in digital and traditional industries, and to the economy across the country. EILEEN BURBIDGE CHAIR, TECH CITY UK

The findings of this report shows the continued growth of digital tech clusters. These findings are focused upon the areas where digital technology businesses are having the greatest impact: economic growth, employment, productivity and the digital disruption of traditional industries.

At the heart of Tech Nation 2016 is a detailed overview of the sector specialisms, benefits and challenges in 27 notable digital tech clusters across the country. Details of the unique DNA of each cluster sit alongside headline statistics around employment, turnover and average salaries. This is designed to compare and contrast the key digital tech clusters that shape our Tech Nation. The report also turns its eyes to the sectors in which the UK is excelling.

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A guide to Email Marketing in 2016

Gracie Stewart talks about where Email Marketing is in 2016.

Email Marketing on desktop and mobile
Email Marketing on desktop and mobile

Email marketing has fallen down the list of priorities for many brands over the last few years due to the popularity of social media, however, email marketing campaigns are still one of the most effective ways to increase your ROI.

So don’t let email sit on the side-line this year, instead follow these marketing trends to create a more effective email marketing campaign that will help ensure you reap the rewards.

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Exeter Science & Technology EXIST February 2016 Meet-up

Jam packed morning of talks on the future of Health, Transportation & Energy

EXIST Exeter Meet-up
EXIST Exeter Science & Technology event

Over 100 people turned up to Sandy Park to EXIST’s first quarterly meeting of 2016. The event was co-hosted by the newly formed Exeter City Futures. Liz O’Driscoll newly appointed Head of Innovation at Exeter City Futures talked about Urban Innovation and how the World’s population is increasingly moving into cities, this includes Exeter. She talked about the opportunities and challenges of the Smart City and how Exeter is ideally placed to be an exemplar – it’s big enough to matter but small enough to achieve a coordinated integrated Smart City.

Exeter City Futures say they are in it for the long term and expect this to be the start of at least a 10 year process building Exeter into a Smart City that the people of Exeter want. The challenges and opportunities relating to Exeter was a running theme for the following talks around, Health, Transportation and Energy.

Brief overview of the Talks

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Email marketing is not dead! Here’s 4 reasons why…

Gracie Stewart reasons that email is still the key to your Marketing

Email Marketing is not Dead
Email is still at the heart most people’s lives

People often debate whether or not email marketing is still an effective form of marketing in this day and age. Isn’t social media cooler? Isn’t it better to have a highly optimised website to drive traffic? All promotional emails are spam and get deleted anyway, right?

While there may be some truth to these objections, email marketing is not dead! Here’s 4 reasons why…

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Digital Exeter January 2016 Meet-up

First Meet-up of Digital Exeter for 2016 and it was bigger than ever

Digital Exeter Meet-up
A full house for our first meet of 2016

We had a full house for our first meet-up of 2016. So full in fact that we are going to have to limit tickets for future meet-ups so we don’t break the fire regs at our lovely venue, The City Gate Hotel

50+ folk turned up from right across the Digital Spectrum, some were Marketers, Social Media Specialists, Developers, others were Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Community organisations. We are delighted to be zooming in on 400 members in our Meet-up group after only 9 months.

Our aim is really simple, put on a few really useful talks and get like-minded people together in a room. The rest is Human nature, we are social creatures, so we rely on those conversations you have to start building the know-like-trust process that is essential for a strong community to grow.

But please do let us know if we are getting things right, or wrong. And do leave a review on Here’s a quick overview of January’s Meet-up…

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Fostering Trust in Digital Engagement

Geoff Revill challenges you to think about Trust in your Digital Activities

World Cultures at the RAMM
Geoff’s Trust Model for Digital Engagement

I had a highly enjoyable evening @DigitalExeter on the evening of 28th Jan 2016, speaking about fostering trust in digital engagement to over 60 attendees. Coincidentally it was #dataprivacyday, not planned, just fortuitous. This blog accompanies the slideshare of the presentation I gave that night to help you understand the underlying narrative.


The first thing to think about is that one has to plan to build a company that is trustworthy, not one that has some marketing veneer that seeks to engender trust. Time is the great discoverer, so how you operate, the culture of your company will come out eventually, especially as you grow, such is the nature of the highly connected digital social world we are in today. So being trustworthy has to be real, not a manufactured commodity. This means it’s more about HOW you build your products and services than the nature of the product itself. Think on this – our entire economy is based on trust. Take out a 5 or 10 pound note, and read what it says “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of” signed the Governor of the Bank of England. We trust this loan note in order to do business. All the banking infrastructure is based on trust – its why the recent bank issues have potentially such profound impact.

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Sarah Jones gives an overview of the differences between inbound & Outbound Marketing

Inbound versus OutBound Marketing
Both Inbound and Outbound have their place

Fundamentally, a digital marketer is focussed on inbound marketing, and earning the trust and business of the consumer, but what exactly is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing, and should one be ignored in favour of the other?

Traditional marketing, or outbound marketing, has been around for hundreds of years, and generally encompasses advertising and direct mail amongst others. William Caxton, England’s first printer, helped sell a book he had produced by creating the first advert printed in English, in 1477.

There’s no denying that over the following centuries this ‘interruption’ marketing worked and billboards, newspaper adverts and television adverts have sold many products, to many consumers that they wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

Enter digital; or rather, the Internet. With the wide world web has come the ability for the consumer to search, research and discover information that was previously unattainable, or expensive and time consuming to find. When someone needs a web designer they don’t dig out the yellow pages or phone book, instead they head to Google or yelp, look at reviews, contact companies, and get advice for free on who they should use. This is ‘helpful’ marketing.

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