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Digital Exeter November 2016 Meet-up

From Kevin Bacon to making better drivers in four talks.

Digital Exeter November meet-up
Fantastic meet-up in November 2016
Photo: @MrMattYoung

Digital Exeter November 2016

Digital Exeter November meet has four fantastic speakers covering the World of Digital. Featuring; City data, Content performance, Data privacy and better driving.

We learn about Exeter City Futures plans for zero congestion and energy independence in Exeter by 2025. Successful business woman Colette Easton talks about her new venture based in Devon – Molecule Agency. We have an entertaining Lawyer making Data privacy interesting. And finally a gadget developed by an Exeter firm, Ashwood Lightfoot, that hopes to change the behaviour of drivers for the better.

In this packed evening we also have Shaun Rudden from Aptus IT Recruiting talking about their Aptus Digital Guide to the South West and how Digital Exeter members can get involved.

As well as always a great chance for people to network with like-minded folk. For friends to catch-up and for the new to make contacts. A great evening was had by all. Listen again to the audio recordings of our Digital Exeter November speakers.

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Digital Exeter September 2016 Meet-up

Septembers’s meet-up, McDonald’s CRM, Is Journalism Dead? And The Digital Census 2021.

Digital Exeter September meet-up
Another great meet-up in September 2016

Digital Exeter September 2016

Three great speakers discussing the future of Journalism, getting the most out of your CRM and The Digital Census in 2021

A great evening and a great crowd for our September meet-up of Digital Exeter. We a delighted that again around a third of attendees were new to Digital Exeter and our meet-up group is close to breaking 800 members!

Alex Pierre-Traves, CRM Consultant for McDonald’s UK, lives in Exeter and travels to London to help McDonald’s become best in class at using their CRM system. He talked about why it is useful to use what you know about you customers when you communicate with them and ran through some good & bad practice as well as what they have implemented at McDonalds

Dan Pritchard, CEO of Astley Media based in Exeter City Centre, talked about whether we are facing the death of Journalism and the rise of robot/algorithmic news.

Terry Makewell, Chief Digital Officer for the Office of National Statistics (ONS) talked the National Census and how the ONS wants the next census to be 75% Digitally completed. He talked about the enormity of the task and how they hope to be prepared for the UK’s largest peace-time event.

Plus, we rounded up the meet-up with a discount to Tech Exeter Conference 2016 for Digital Exeter members using code ‘digitalexeter’ to get £10 off the price of a ticket.

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Digital Exeter July 2016 Meet-up

July’s meet-up, future of Social Media, future of Tech in South West and engagement frameworks.

Digital Exeter July meet-up
Another great meet-up in July 2016

Digital Exeter July 2016

Three great speakers discussing the future of Social Media, the future of Tech in the South West and Engagement theory and frameworks!

Another sell-out Meet-up at Jury’s Inn. This time we had about a third new attendees which just shows how fast the community is growing. We now have well over 600 on the meet-up group.

Matt Young, Honiton based Social Media Consultant and Podcaster (and Radio Jock) talked first about about his opinion on the future of Social Media. (Pokemon spoiler alert ahead!)

Chris Proctor, CEO of OneServer based at Exeter Airport Business Park talked about his frustrations and the opportunities for the future of Tech in the South West.

Scott Gould, Consultant (and some will remember co-founder of LikeMinds in Exeter 2009) travelled from Plymouth to give us a Master Class in engagement theory using his Scatter, Gather, Matter framework.

Plus, we rounded up the meet-up with a few announcements of new meet-up groups, Exeter Bloggers and WordPress Exeter. Laura offered a free coaching session and Ben highlighted some free money available. Our friends from Digital Plymouth invited all to their conference and Rob called out for speakers to Tech Exeter Conference and VentureFest was mentioned – phew! (Take a deep breath!)

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Digital Exeter May 2016 Meet-up

Another sell-out meet-up for Digital Exeter’s first anniversary

Digital Exeter March meet-up
Chris Shadrick introducing another sell-out Digital Exeter Meet-up

It seems hard to believe that Digital Exeter is only just one year old. We’ve grown a grass-roots community of 500+ Digital professionals in and around Exeter.

Another sell-out Meet-up at our new home, Jury’s Inn. This time we had 3 talks from;

Mark Cross, Head of Brand at The Donkey Sanctuary – “Leveraging brand to increase customer engagement across multiple touch-points”

Paul Rose, Freelance Web Developer – “So many people call themselves ‘UX Designers’, yet UX is about User Experience”

Gerry McNicol, Co-founder and Data Consultant at Big-Consultancy – “Big Data for small business”

Plus, Julie Hawker, CEO Cosmic talked about ‘New Opportunities for Digital Businesses’ that Cosmic are offering in the area.

And Rob J Glover did his usual round-up of other news including The Exeter Start-up Weekend and Digital Exeter’s special event at the AppleStore Princesshay on ‘Video for Business’

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Exeter Web becomes Tech Exeter

Digital Exeter’s sister meet-up re-brands to Tech Exeter

Exeter Web becomes Tech Exeter
Digital Exeter’s sister meet-up re-brands to Tech Exeter

ExeterWeb has re-branded as TechExeter and opened up a new co-working space in the heart of the city. With strong ties to the community, TechExeter is set to become an essential resource for tech companies.

Co-working space for people in Tech

The co-working space opened on the 2nd of May and offers desk space in the centre of Southernhay starting from £80 per month. “What we’ve done is to create a space that not only has great facilities for people to rent, but one that actively supports those who work in the tech industry, whether they are software developers, data analysts or web start-ups” says Kris Sum, co-founder of TechExeter. “We’ve got a hacker space for developing hardware prototypes, shelves of tech books, a lightning-fast network, plus I’m on hand to answer any technical queries”.

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Museum of Contemporary Commodities

Connecting data, trade, place and values in Exeter

Museum of Contemporary Commodities
Museum of Contemporary Commodities in Exeter during May

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC) is neither a building nor a permanent collection of stuff – it’s an invitation. To consider every shop, online store and warehouse full of stuff as if it were a museum, and all the things in it part of our collective future heritage.

MoCC is an art and social science collaboration led by artist Paula Crutchlow & cultural geographer Ian Cook in partnership with Furtherfield, Exeter’s Blind Ditch and

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities in Exeter

Supported by many Exeter organisations MoCC is in Exeter from May 4th-21st at 87, Fore Street, Exeter (under the Corn Exchange) open 10am – 6pm Wednesdays to Saturdays.

You can explore connections between date, trade, place and values by joining one of our lively, and entertaining digital hacktivist workshops, drop-in activities and film screenings running in our shop-gallery and at partner venues in Exeter city centre.

For a full list of activities and workshops visit MoCC’s website

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They Know Where You Are

Is location-data tracking the next big target for cyber criminals?

Is your location being tracked?
Is your location being tracked?

Exeter based Krowdthink and Open Rights Group have joined forces to launch to encourage the British public to demand that mobile and Wi-Fi service providers are explicit about what they are asking their customers to opt into and provide clear choices for opting out. The campaign also offers guidance regarding minimising location tracking possibilities.

Two reports reveal serious threat posed by location tracking by the mobile and Wi-Fi service industry

High net worth individuals, children and householders could all be at significant risk from cyber criminals targeting historic location data that has been collected by our mobile phone and Wi-Fi services providers.

Two reports: They Know Where You Are (Krowdthink) and Cashing in on your mobile? (Open Rights Group) have examined the contracts, policies and practices of the mobile phone and Wi-Fi industry. Both reports highlight that consumers are unwittingly signing up to be location tracked 24/7 and that the highly sensitive data this generates is being used and sold on for commercial benefit. They conclude that consumers deserve to know and to not have their consent assumed.

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Exeter IP Hub Events March 2016

Free events for Small Business held at Exeter Library.

Exeter IP Centre March Events at Exeter Library
Exeter Library hosts the Business IP Centre.

Exeter Library is joining the Business and Intellectual Property Centre network. As a Business and Intellectual Property Centre we follow a programme and ethos developed by Business and Intellectual Property Centre at the British Library, London, providing support to business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors.

At the Centre you can access a comprehensive collection of online databases and publications, and attend practical workshops, one-to-one advice sessions and inspiring talks.

A range of workshops, presentations and master classes for start-ups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses. The events are delivered by the Business and Intellectual Property team based at Exeter Library and industry specialist Delivery Partners from the business community.

Events in March 2016

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Tech Nation 2016 report

Exeter makes the Tech Nation report for the first time.

Tech Nation Report 2016
Exeter appears in the UK’s Tech Nation report for the first time.

It’s official Exeter is now on the UK’s Tech radar. The new Tech Nation 2016 report is out and it makes interesting reading. Download the full report it’s well worth a read.

The 2016 report demonstrates the clear contribution that digital technology is making to employment in digital and traditional industries, and to the economy across the country. EILEEN BURBIDGE CHAIR, TECH CITY UK

The findings of this report shows the continued growth of digital tech clusters. These findings are focused upon the areas where digital technology businesses are having the greatest impact: economic growth, employment, productivity and the digital disruption of traditional industries.

At the heart of Tech Nation 2016 is a detailed overview of the sector specialisms, benefits and challenges in 27 notable digital tech clusters across the country. Details of the unique DNA of each cluster sit alongside headline statistics around employment, turnover and average salaries. This is designed to compare and contrast the key digital tech clusters that shape our Tech Nation. The report also turns its eyes to the sectors in which the UK is excelling.

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A guide to Email Marketing in 2016

Gracie Stewart talks about where Email Marketing is in 2016.

Email Marketing on desktop and mobile
Email Marketing on desktop and mobile

Email marketing has fallen down the list of priorities for many brands over the last few years due to the popularity of social media, however, email marketing campaigns are still one of the most effective ways to increase your ROI.

So don’t let email sit on the side-line this year, instead follow these marketing trends to create a more effective email marketing campaign that will help ensure you reap the rewards.

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